Submissions now open

Moon Pigeon seeks poems with a fresh and passionate poetic voice, of any topic or form. Because Moon Pigeon is a frequent, bimonthly publication, the current submission period will remain open until May 1st, 2015. One poet will be featured every issue, with one to two poems and a one page interview. Please be aware that if your poems are accepted, you will be asked to complete the interview, which consists of one to three interview questions that you yourself create. Moon Pigeon is interested in what questions you value as important and relevant to your work. Translations are welcome, but must be accompanied by documentation that indicates the rights to the original work.

Subscribers are, as always, encouraged to submit, but are also encouraged to continue the poetic conversation by submitting poems that respond to a previously featured poet. Please indicate the poet/poems you are responding to in your letter or email.

Submissions are free, and may be mailed to the address on the home page or emailed to moonpigeonpress@gmail.com. Please submit no more than 3 poems. Each published poet will receive a five dollar royalty and a one month subscription free of charge, during the month they are published.


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