Moon Pigeon, seeking to foster more conversations about poetry, will be using more forms of media, in addition to print this coming year. In 2016, since there will be fewer print editions, and more electronic forms of poetry, the subscription prices have dropped significantly.

New subscription prices are as follows:

6 Months $15.00

12 Months $25.00

In addition, you can still buy a single print copy of a poet’s work, on request, for $3.00

There will be at least one issue per month mailed to your specified address, or, if you prefer, scanned and emailed as a PDF. (Please indicate if you prefer not to receive a print version.)

You may subscribe through this website or by sending a check paid to Moon Pigeon Press. When you subscribe, please send an email or letter indicating which edition(s) you would like to receive, and the name and mailing address of the subscriber. If you subscribe through paypal, please also include the paypal confirmation number.

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